• Christalle Bodiford

Hello 2021

If you're like me, you're happily saying farewell to 2020 and hoping 2021 has better things in store!

With the new year brings new intentions but with the challenges of 2020 many people, including me, are taking a break from the usual over-the-top goal setting and focus on smaller goals - while processing the past year and what seems to be the US season finale. *eye roll*


So this week, I made it a priority to plan my Kids Craft Hour projects for the year. I know it sounds like a lot of work, but I teach one per month - twelve projects total. I've already completed samples for seven out of the twelve projects! This afternoon, I sat down to create graphics, solidify each months' event date, and create Facebook events. Phew!

Seven project samples down and five to go!

Now, I'm going to work towards finishing the remaining project samples, which YOU voted on in my Instagram/Facebook stories - Thank you. I love to receive your input. It's nice to have feedback on the projects I'm planning, and it helps me to gauge interest.

With the new year, I'm setting an intention to experiment with color. I've created a few color schemes, and I plan to play more throughout the year, combining colors I wouldn't typically combine.

I've had a lot of personal challenges over the past few years, so I look forward to slowing down this year to focus more on teaching kids how to express themselves creatively through arts and crafts. If you'd like to join me for an upcoming Kids Craft Hour, you can check out my events and RSVP here.

Kids Craft Hours are arts and crafts tutorials for kids at no cost to viewers/participants. If you'd like to support these free tutorials you can donate securely via PayPal at the pink "Support Free Art" button in the top right corner of my website.

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