• Christalle Bodiford

Hipster Cat Tutorial

Cats are pretty cool, but have you seen HIPSTER CATS? These cats are packed with attitude and have their own unique personality and interests!!

Don't tell them, but I think they're adorable! Squeeeeee!

When I first came across this craft on Molly Moo Crafts, I just knew I wanted to teach and share it with you for this month's Kids Craft Hour. The materials list is minimal and as inexpensive as you want, which is always a great bonus for children's crafts!

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Before we jump into the tutorial, I'd love to share my clowder with you and tell you a little about each member...

Luna is a crafty cat that loves anything to do with crochet, knit or macramé. If she’s not making it, she’s thrifting it.

Klaus loves to read, learn everything about anything, and wants you to think he’s smart by wearing glasses and correcting your grammar.

Claire can’t even... don’t even bother. She creates and sells dolls made from 100% recycled materials and only shops locally.

Alex prefers plants to people, and they feel most at home in nature. Their favorite hobbies are plants, plants, dogs, and more plants.

Seen enough and ready to create your own hipster cats?! Let's do this!!

Here are the materials you'll need to create your own clowder...

• Markers

• Paintbrush

• Paper Towel

• Cup of Water (Yes, I see the typo in the graphic. Nobody is perfect.)

• Pencil & Eraser

• Colored Pencils

• Toilet Paper Roll (one per cat)

• Watercolor Paints

Remember, it's perfectly fine, in fact, I encourage you to use the materials you have on hand. If you don't have paints, feel free to use markers or even crayons.

I used a variety of materials, so you can see the differences, which I point out during the tutorial. These are the hipster cats I created during the live tutorial using a combination of watercolor paints, markers, and colored pencils.

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*Disclaimer* The live feed did not treat me well during this tutorial, so this video is edited to be half the time. I've decided my videos will be recorded prior to events moving forward to allow me to provide a higher quality of video and be available to answer questions during video premieres.

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