• Christalle Bodiford

Kids’ Craft Hour • Zentangle Watercolor Leaves

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

This month for Kids’ Craft Hour, we’ll be making colorful Zentangle Watercolor Leaves, using analogous color schemes and patterned line work!

I’ve created templates, analogous color scheme info, and a project example for you and your littles to use during the tutorial. You can download them here.

You will need the following materials to create this project:

• White Watercolor Paper

• Watercolor Paints

• Black Marker

• Paint Brush

• Napkin

• Eraser

• Pencil

• Water

Optional Materials:

• Scissors

• String/Yarn

• Hole Punch

• Extra Watercolor Paper

See you live Thursday, November 12th @ 5:30 PM Central on Instagram and Facebook.

The event is free, but you can RSVP here!

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