• Christalle Bodiford

Packing Paper Collection

Using repurposed packing paper as my canvas, I’ve created one-of-a-kind watercolor artworks and decided to create a collection.

These works aren’t related, so they aren’t a collection in the traditional sense, but more of an exploration of using a non-traditional medium and combining mediums that wouldn’t normally be combined.

Working with the packing paper is a delicate process! Some of the paper is torn from being packed at a warehouse in who-knows-where - arriving crinkled and creased, making it difficult to paint upon.

Not only is the paper delicate, but it’s very thin paper. (think newsprint) This makes it tough to combined with watercolor paint - a medium that needs a lot of water to work properly. I‘ve learned there is a delicate balance between the right amount of pigment and water on the paper to achieve the right amount of color saturation versus the paper absorbing more water than pigment.

Yesterday, I experimented with metallic paints on the packing paper, and they really looked great! The metallic paints didn’t soak into the paper as easily and allowed for more vibrant paintings.

I really LOVE how these turned out!!

If you love this collection as much as I do, be sure to pick up your one-of-a-kind, repurposed, packing paper painting from my shop before they’re gone!

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